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Berria Bikes
Since 2011, Berria Bike has designed, developed, and manufactures its own bikes frames for both mountain bikes and road bikes. Berria bikes are pioneers in customization and individual settings.
BiciCenter is a large bicycle shop located in Orihuela (Spain), with large workshop area, big brand bicycles like Mondraker, Merida, Kross. 
DVIRAČIAI | SERVISAS | KAVA Profesionalus servisas laukia jūsų dviračių, nesvarbu, tai TT raketa ar plento volas, MTB prizininkas ar  gravel'io  tankas, vaikiškas ar tiesiog miesto dviratis. Visus dviračius mylime vienodai!
Biketek Dviračių Parduotuvė
Biketek is a startup of an international bicycle-related marketplace, and also a physical shop located in a premium suburb in Vilnius, Lithuania called Užupis. Biketek specializes in the MTB scene but also has other bikes to offer. 
Econic One
Econic One is A smart electric bicycle brand, which is a combination of advanced technology, first-rate performance, and customizable design to give you an addictively smooth ride.
Simple Bike Store
Simple Bike Store  has started it's roots in 2011 when company was founded in Latvia and relocated to The Netherlands/Rotterdam in 2015. It's ran by enthusiasts and professionals in urban cycling field and has grown from a small retail store to distributor and dealer for well known brands that are aiming for quality and trust. Our company is offering wide and special range of products like accessories, parts and in our opinion best bike brands in the World. We have been exploring the world and traveled a lot to see what cycling is about and where we can meet our demand - and here we are!
I.Į. „ZAIZAI“  –  Lietuvos dviračių verslo asociacijos  narys. Įmonė įkurta 1993 m. Šiauliuose. Dviračių parduotuvė Šiauliuose atidaryta 2011 m. kovo mėn. Elektroninė parduotuvė internete 2013 m. kovo mėn. Pagrindinė įmonės veikla-  dviračių prekyba . Kitos paslaugos:  dviračių remontas ,  žymėjimas,   dviračių ir moto dalys . Dalyvaujame visuomeninėje veikloje. Esame įsikūrę adresu  Vairo g. 17, Šiauliai . Tel.: +370 699 27038 Parduotuvės darbo laikas I-V 10.00-18.00, VI 10.00-13.00 More