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To make buying and selling bicycles online a breeze! 

About us

Our team of avid riders started a small bike shop in Vilnius, back in 2018. A year later, we became one of the biggest bike shops in Lithuania. That allowed us to fund and build the first bicycle park in Lithuania - pretty cool, huh?

Fast forward three years and we (like many other retailers) found ourselves in a shortage of stock and delayed shipment terms. From the other end of the spectrum, searching for a bike online was more complicated than solving a Rubik's cube. 

Basically, there was nowhere online you could find a bike and know which retailer was selling it. You would need to contact every retailer in Europe to ask whether a bike was in stock...ugh.

After diving deep into this problem and consulting with our partner bike shops, we realized that an online marketplace for bikes could solve problems like this for everyone. 

That's why we launched the first bicycle marketplace in Europe. We want to be your one-stop shop, whether it's for buying your future bike or reaching more potential customers and selling what's in your warehouse. 

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