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"We're here to help you improve your business on our marketplace, not to take it over. We are a group of passionate bike riders who can't imagine their life without two wheels. To spread this love and passion completely hassle-free, we launched Biketek."

As Martin, our CEO, said above, the European online marketplace for bicycles became a reality after realizing the massive consequences both bike riders and shop owners faced during unprecedented times. The lack of inventory can take a toll on both ends. And as avid riders ourselves, we recognized all these pain points and created Biketek. 

For bike vendors

In terms of helping out bike shops all over Europe, we want to boost their sales and attract new potential customers by providing services like:

  • Free essential marketing, including a brand-tailored marketing plan for a specific area. 
  • B2B services on the platform give everyone a chance to buy and sell from each other.
  • Expanded customer reach.

Our goal is to assist and improve any bike retailer's business through our marketplace. We stand by our word that Biketek will never take over anyone's business but instead become the bridge between the vendor and a bigger target audience. 

For future bike owners

By creating an online marketplace for bicycles, we're not only supporting businesses but also anyone who's looking to purchase a new bike. 

When using the Biketek platform, there's no longer a need to waste time scrolling through different websites to find a dream bike - all the best deals are in one place. Plus, there are a dozen of reputable brands to choose from. 

From riders, To riders

Creating a hassle-free solution for all riders has grown from an idea to a real-life solution. Nobody should suffer the consequences of finding the perfect bike fit, type, or customer. The CEO of the BFS Group, an investor of Biketek, says, "We believe in the Biketek team and the product they developed. During these crazy times, we see that this product will help businesses and customers find each other in the bike market. That's what led us to support this idea."


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